if you can watch this entire video straight through you have the most iron fucking will on the actual planet, in the actual universe. you have gigantic balls of steel. i would not fuck with you. you could come in my house and slap my mom and take my cats and i would just let you. if you can watch all of this you scare the shit out of me

god i thought i could do it but i cant i cant watch this all the way through 

is he on a tire swing

i’ve never gagged by someone talking before but him saying “baby girl” just too much

kim possible just came on and i haven’t seen it in so long but i sang that theme song like i fucking wrote the god damn thing


your husband Michael comes home from tour to meet his son. by the time you’re home from the airport they are both like this in the car. to cute to disrupt ||credit to pic owner||


We’ve literally had the most EPIC last few weeks of our lives here in the US… So today we are really excited to announce that we are doing our very own headline tour around the USA & Canada next year ! Tickets go on sale August 9 at 10am local time, and were also holding a presale on August 5 for everyone on our newsletter. We’ll be sending the password & links over the weekend so make sure you sign-up asap:… Also because the first one SOLD OUT in 45 mins, we are adding a SECOND Forum show in LA this November, but more details on that soon :D Hope you can all come and party, its gonna be fun !! Love ya x

fuck they’re coming to Charlotte omfg i am going to cry